advantages of our dentistry
Periodontitis and periodontal disease: symptoms and causes of gum inflammation
WHAT IS PERIODONTAL periodontium is a complex of tissues surrounding the tooth. This does not apply to
Tooth hurts when pressed - Line of Smile Dentistry
Diastema - why does it appear and how to remove it?
Author of the article: Tatyana Yuryevna Kondratyeva, dentist, therapist of the highest category “Tooth hurts when biting!” Exactly
Implant Sculptra™: key points in the practice of a cosmetologist
Indications and contraindications for use Before undergoing an aesthetic correction procedure using the Sculptra™ implant
photo of scratches on baby's palate
The star shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. The sky shimmers, like in a fairytale movie, with different colors
Mucosal injuries in children are not uncommon. But if there is redness of the conjunctiva or a dried drop of blood
Diagnosis of periodontal disease
Local drug therapy for periodontal diseases
Destructive processes in the periodontium cause tooth loss. Periodontal disease is considered the most dangerous disease, as
Bone reconstruction
Modern types of bone materials for use in dentistry
Osteoplasty is one of the most popular operations in maxillofacial surgery. Most often it is used
What is alveolar ridge clefting?
Bone grafting - surgery to split the bone ridge
Unfavorable anatomical conditions include the low location of the bottom of the maxillary sinus on the upper jaw and
Irrigator for bad mouth
The smell when a temporary tooth on an implant was removed
Most people are not even aware that they have bad breath. IN
Rating of the best balms for strengthening gums for 2021
Oral health depends on regular hygiene of not only teeth, but also gums. At
Gum healing
What to do if your cheek is swollen after tooth extraction?
The question often comes up on various forums: “what to do if the gums are swollen or swelling appears?
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