Handmade Veneers: The Art of Creating the Perfect Smile
Materials for Dentistry and Medicine: Where to Buy in Moscow
Bone grafting at the Golden Section Clinic: Restoring Health and Aesthetics
How to Buy Dental Laser at an Affordable Price Online
Treatment of intramural and subserous-intramural uterine fibroids
Dielectric boots
Dental implantation is beautiful!
Family dentistry in Astrakhan
Restoration of the upper jaw, palate defect and installation of zygomatic implants in one procedure (analysis of three clinical cases)
Summary Reconstruction and rehabilitation of patients with defects of the upper jaw are the most difficult in reconstructive
Toothpaste: More than just for brushing your teeth, it's an all-purpose cleaner for so many things
There is no clear answer to the question of which toothpaste is best for brushing your teeth. After all, universal
Why are ceramic and sapphire braces installed and what is the difference between orthodontic systems
From this article you will learn: what transparent braces look like, reviews of sapphire braces, cost
Repairing chipped ceramics
What can cause chipping of ceramics on a crown and how to eliminate the defect
Description of the material Metal-ceramic crowns are made from an individually made plaster cast and consist of metal
A child’s baby tooth has been knocked out – what should parents do?
08/04/2016 children's reception Summer holidays are joy for children and troubles for parents. kids
Artistic dental restorations. Direct restorations
Even, beautiful teeth attract the eye, but this is not enough for a dentist. According to doctors, it is necessary
A child’s permanent tooth is growing incorrectly, what should I do?
A child’s permanent tooth is growing incorrectly, what should I do?
12/01/2019 My child’s teeth began to grow crookedly, what should I do? How to solve a dairy problem
Ceramic crown in 1 day! In dentistry Belgravia Dental Studio
Improving the aesthetics of the dentition in the frontal region of the lower jaw
The main advantages for you: COMFORT. No more impressions needed! I don't like this stage
Preservation of a damaged tooth. Surgical tooth extrusion
Tooth extrusion – what is this procedure? The essence of the method and indications for its use
The patient asked about a missing tooth on the upper jaw on the right side; tooth number 5 has been missing for quite some time. Wants to place an implant with a crown
How to correct crooked central upper incisors without braces using Star Smile aligners?
Greetings friends! With you is orthodontist Alexander Spesivtsev. And today we will see this
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